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Platinum Processing Services has over seven years experience servicing live venues and can assist you in hosting a successful and profitable event.

Possible challenges PPSI is more than prepared to avoid include ATM hardware failure, insufficient cash supply, an inadequate number of machines to serve all attendees, machine vandalism and the potential loss of profits resulting from incomplete or unclear compensation agreements.  Problems such as these can result in long ATM lines, rejected transactions, displeased attendees, unfavorable publicity, decreased sales and significant profit loss.

During the course of our experience, PPSI has developed a customer service model designed to combat these possible challenges.  In addition to providing a full staff and 24-hour customer service, we offer onsite technicians throughout the course of your event.  We also utilize online cash and hardware monitoring.  This tool allows us to know instantly of any machine failure or cash shortage, enabling us to correct the problem immediately.  Additionally, we conduct a detailed analysis prior to the event to determine the number of machines needed, and we have significant reserve lines of credit should any ATM experience unexpected transaction volume.

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