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Triton is renowned in the ATM industry for reliable equipment.  These machines take up a minimal amount of floor space and have the least amount of downtime of any ATMs.  Triton sets new standards with their innovative features and regulatory compliance, and every Triton ATM offers easy operation, user friendliness, and reliability.  

Triton is now offering WAVES™, an exclusive package of additional consumer services that can easily turn your Triton ATM into a full-service transaction center. With proven revenue-generating services like PaySpot™ prepaid wireless airtime, Western Union® money transfers and CashWorks™ check cashing, you greatly increase the opportunity for transaction fees. All it takes in most cases is a simple software upgrade to begin increasing profits.  To find out more about Triton WAVES™, click here.


Triton's new 9100 ATM is designed from the ground up to be dollar-for-dollar, the lowest cost ATM in the industry yet it still features Triton's standard reliability.  


TDM-100 dispensing mechanism.
Automatic error recovery designed to maximize uptime.
Secure Pin Entry Device and Triple DES Encryption.
State-of-the-art electronics.




Triton's 9700 Series ATMs are the perfect low-cost solution for today's retail market.  These sleek machines offer Triton reliability at an unbeatable price.  Additionally, the Triton 9700 complies with all existing and proposed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.


One to three cassettes. 
Triple DES compliant.
Small footprint.
Advertising revenue potential.
Dial-up, wireless, satellite and TCP/IP communication options.




Triton's new PC-based RL5000 offers a 10.4-inch LCD display and supports a long list of value-added transactions.  All at a much lower price point than other PC-based machines.
  This new technology is made possible by Windows® Intel® XScale™, an advanced PC platform that enables a new level of high performance and easy operations.  No other PC ATM on the market offers the level of performance and cost-competitiveness delivered by the Triton RL5000. 


Low operation cost.
One to four cassettes.  
Easy to service.
ADA compliant. 
Encrypting PIN pad and Triple DES compliant.
Small footprint.
Advertising revenue potential.
















ATM, Credit Card and Merchant Services