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Thales, currently growing in popularity in the United States, is a European leader in the fields of electronic payment terminals, integrated EFT solutions, ATM payment, vending payment, secured PIN pads and terminal management systems. Thales, a global supplier of solutions in the field of electronic transactions, is known for producing user-friendly equipment to simplify and secure electronic card transactions.



The Thales Talento features a compact design with an integrated printer and a single connecting cable, maximizing available counter space. Talento processes all types of payment cards, including smart cards and magnetic stripe cards. The smart card reader is located on the side of the terminal, leaving the card clearly visible during the transactions.  With an advanced processor and reliable printer, the Talento is the perfect compact terminal.

Fast transaction times.
Advanced 16 bit Microprocessor that allows multiple tasks to be performed at once. 
Easy to use design with 5 one touch buttons.
Quick load automatic paper feeder.
Quiet thermal printer.










ATM, Credit Card and Merchant Services