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VeriFone is the leading global provider of secure electronic-payment solutions for financial institutions, merchants and consumers. VeriFone systems and solutions have delivered the speed, convenience and security of electronic payment to millions of businesses worldwide.  Both Tranz and Omni are trusted series in VeriFone's comprehensive range of point-of-sale terminals, printers and innovative software payment solutions, and offer high-performance and reliability at an affordable price.


Tranz 330
The Tranz 330 provides a fast, low-cost way to authorize and process credit card sales and guarantee checks.  In addition, it supports other point-of-service (POS) applications involving the transfer of value, such as healthcare and government benefits programs.  This terminal is so reliable and easy to use, you can complete a typical transaction with just a few keystrokes.


Large, legible numbers and letters provide simple, easy-to-understand prompts that guide you through each step of a typical transaction. 
Accepts debit (ATM) cards in payment through an optional PIN pad.

Lets you expand by adding a slip, roll or sprocket printer and a PIN pad.

Includes all the security and fraud control features required in bank card environments.


Tranz 380                                                                         The VeriFone Tranz 380 is an ideal terminal for retailers and mail/phone order merchants.  With more memory and capabilities then the Verifone Tranz 330, the 380 handles a variety of record keeping applications and stores more transactions before you need to batch.  Additionally, the VeriFone Tranz 380 works perfectly with the Verifone printer 250 or 900.


bulletAccepts all major credit, debit, and private-label cards, providing low-cost credit card authorization, check guarantee, and data capture for a variety of retail applications.
bulletSupports most TRANZ 330 applications.
bulletPerforms fast batch processing audit trail searches and account range selection.
bulletAllows fast application downloads and file transfers through ZONTALK 2000, VeriFone's advanced download program.
bulletStores invalid card information for fast off-line authorization.
bulletPrompts you through each step of a typical transaction with concise messages on an easy-to-read display.
bulletIncludes security and fraud control features often required in bank card environments.


Omni 3200 SE
The Omni 3200SE is the improved version of the the best-selling payment terminal in VeriFone’s history.  The models have enhanced processing performance, support for compressed application downloads, and 1MB memory trim transaction times and dramatically cutting phone-connect time and expenses.  The 3200 SE is the solution to you POS needs with a fresh new look.


30% smaller footprint than the original 3200. 
Includes a built-in PINpad supporting Triple DES security standards for debit and EBT transactions.
Integrated printer provides drop-in paper loading, preventing jams.


Omni 3750                                                                       The Omni 3750 terminal with an integrated smart card reader provides all the performance and processing capabilities you need into a compact device that can be easily passed to customers for PIN entry. Convenient, all-in-one design combining a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader, internal PIN pad, and thermal printer makes installation easy and requires little counter space. In addition, a user-friendly ATM-style interface and large backlit display simplify training and minimize errors.


Integrated, high-speed thermal printer with "clam shell" design features drop-in paper-loading.
All-in-one design includes vertical magnetic-stripe card reader, integrated smart card reader, internal PINpad, and integrated thermal printer to support a full range of payment and value-added applications.
32-bit processing and multi-tasking capabilities provide for maximum customer throughput.
VeriFone's SoftPay software supports payment requirements tailored specifically for your environment—whether you run a retail shop, restaurant, or mail-order business.

P250 Printer
The standard for performance, reliability and adaptability,  the Printer 250 is the value leader among compact point-of-sale printers and maximizes the capabilities of your VeriFone system. It generates crisply printed two- or three-part receipts just seconds after you enter a transaction, giving you a very short total transaction time.  And the Printer 250 provides a complete audit trail that you can compare with the electronic record for accurate balancing at the close of the business day.


Compatible with all VeriFone transaction systems.
Can interface with non-VeriFone terminals.
Uses easy-to-change drop-in ribbon cartridges.
Comes with an integrated paper-path feed that virtually eliminates paper jams.


P900 Printer                                                                 The P 900 Printer is fast, reliable and compatible with P 200 and P 250 text applications. The premium roll printer, which prints a receipt twice as fast as similar equipment, guarantees quicker transactions, shorter checkout
lines and higher volume. Additionally, automatic paper feeding ensures trouble-free loading. The P 900 is the perfect upgrade for increased speed and reliability.


Reduces print times with bi-directional printing and rapid paper advancement.
Performs reliably with a print head life of 100 million character.
Works with all VeriFone terminals that support printers and
interfaces with non-VeriFone terminals.
Indicates when paper is low or out via an LED and reduces paper jams through automatic paper loading.
Convenient ribbon access through an easy-to-open cover.
Includes universal power supply with country-specific power cords.


PIN Pad 1000                                                                The Verifone PIN pad 1000 supports PIN input for debit, EBT and other PIN-based transactions, and is an easy solution to your PIN-based transaction needs. The easy to read 8-character display allows your customers to enter their PINs carefully and confirm the purchase total. The PIN pad 1000 encrypts the PINs before sending them through your POS device to your processing bank. Plus, the small size fits in the palm of your hand for easy and confidential data entry and takes up minimal counter space.


Provides maximum flexibility by supporting both Master/Session and DUKPT methods of key management Hardware.
Meets ISO and ANSI standards for PIN encryption.
Features an easy-to-clean, sealed membrane keypad that is highly resistant to spills
Available with optional wall- or counter- mounting hardware.
Supports multiple languages.
Works with VeriFone terminals, other manufacturers’ terminals, PCs and electronic cash register (ECR) systems.


























































ATM, Credit Card and Merchant Services